The Montgomery Transport & Entities are excited to announce the opportunity to offer an annual internship scholarship program, established through the Auburn University Foundation, to students pursuing a career in supply chain management.

This internship scholarship program awards a total of $10,000 annually to Auburn University students who:

  • Are enrolled in the Harbert College of Business, with a declared major in Supply Chain

  • Demonstrate good academic standing

  • Demonstrates financial need as verified by the Office of Financial Aid

  • Has satisfactorily completed or is currently enrolled in a six (6) month internship

The internship scholarship(s) shall be awarded each year and shall be disbursed at regular intervals during the school year in accordance with normal university policies.

Montgomery Transport & Entities are leaders in the flatbed trucking industry headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. We employ almost 700 employees and understand our employees are our most important resource. Montgomery Entities established this scholarship opportunity to afford opportunities for internships to students in the Supply Chain Department of the Harbert School of Business and to provide a pipeline for future employees for our continued growth model.

For more information regarding the Montgomery Transport, LLC Annual Scholarship Program, please contact

Opportunities available at all entities